Monday, August 27, 2007

Birding at Dodge Nature Center

Since this is primarily a birding blog I did take some bird pics on my trip to Dodge Nature Center this past Saturday.

There where quite a few american goldfinch feasting on seeds in the fields right next to the main office.Up by the farm about a dozen field sparrow where hanging around.At the small Crossroads Pond I found a solitary sandpiper.

There where a couple of green heron catching rays out by the Prairie Pond. I also saw mallards, great egret and wood duck on the Prairie Pond.
I saw a single ruby-throated hummer on a small trail by the Sugar House.There were 4 downy woodpeckers hunting bugs on a dying tree near the main office.On the same tree I also photographed this bird. I believe that it is a willow flycatcher but I am still kind of new to birding and I had a hard time identifying this one.Here is another angle of the bird. If anyone thinks that I have identified it wrong please let me know. It is better to find out that you made a mistake and learn from it then it is to remain in ignorance.

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