Saturday, April 16, 2011

Invasive Orange Hawkweed

Today I spent part of the day looking at some native tall grass prairie for m Minnesota Master Naturalist class. Unfortunately we got snow last night, yes you read that correctly, so it was difficult to see any of the plants that were beginning to grow.
This is a plant that would be removed from the prairie at Lost Valley SNA where we visited. The MN DNR tries to manage the area and remove non-native plants. Orange hawkweed is an invasive species from Europe and is on the list of noxious weeds here in Minnesota. Removing this plant as well as other invasive species helps to promote native plants to grow.



Carletta said...

Invasive but quite striking in color - what a shame.
Lovely shots! Really nice DOF!

msdewberry said...

It is a very pretty flower even if it is classified as invasive. I like the orange colours!

BJ Roan said...

It may be a noxious weed, but it sure is pretty.

Naturegirl said...

Here in my province of Canada we also have invasive plants that grow along the streams...which are NOT good for many of the wildflower species.From afar thier
color as striking as the one you post today!
I understand about the we are getting hit too..YIKES..I returned home from the desert too soon!!!
Stay warm keep the camera covered in blankets.. :)

vincibene said...

WOW! What an orange!
Gorgeous shots!

Country Mouse Studio said...

These are such beautiful flowers it's too bad they are weeds.