Sunday, April 3, 2011

Midland Clubtail

One of the bigger clubtail dragonflies that we have here in Minnesota is the midland clubtail. The are a dragon that is typically found near rivers and large streams. I usually find all kinds of midland clubs along the St Croix River in Wild River State Park.
Midland clubs are strong fliers which enables them to chase down other dragons. They will often prey on some of the other large dragons such as common pondhawks, twelve-spotted skimmers and rapids clubtails.

Female midland clubs lay their eggs by dipping their abdomen into the water and letting the eggs wash off. The male will patrol the area while the female is laying the eggs to make sure that no other male tries to procreate before she is finished laying the eggs that he has fathered.



Sandbergs Fotoblogg said...

Wonderful macro photos of insects!

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

I spent an entire summer studying dragonflies. They are so interesting when you know more about them. Nicely captured.

Teresa said...

Amazing pictures! the information is also very interesting. Great post.

One said...

They are beautiful. I love taking photos of dragonflies and have quite a few of them too.

Birgitta said...

Great macros of the dragonfly !

Ladynred said...

Awesome dragonflies!

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