Friday, December 21, 2007

Another foray to Black Dog Lake

On Thursday December 13th I decided to go back down to Black Dog Lake to see if the horned grebe was still around so that I could get some more pictures. I did not find the grebe but the trumpeter swans that have been hanging out on the lake were in a better possition for me to get some pics.

Out on the river the warmer weather has melted some of the ice so there is now more open water then there was at the beggining of the month when we had extremely cold temps. The hooded mergansers were still hanging around.
But a group of common mergansers has now also moved into the area.

The eagles where still around but they spent most of their time perched in the tall trees across the river. One immature did take off and moved up river.I had to practice my parking in the middle of the road technique and shoot through the small trees lining the road just to get a pic.

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Kyle said...

Amazing captures and blog here! I initially noticed your "Merganser vs Fish" shot. That looks like a huge (you know what kind?) fish staring down its captor's throat!

So the bird was really able to win the struggle and gulp down that big fish okay?? Does the prey put up a good fight, if eaten, does the unlucky pike get swallowed wriggling/alive all the way as well?!