Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birding from Montana

Well it has been a couple of really great but busy days. Yesterday we were out from 7am until about 10:30 pm, we got back and we were beat. I could not even stay up long enough to download the memory cards so that we could use them today. So this morning I had to do the download and back up before we could leave, which was a bummer because even though the day was supposed to be cloudy the morning was sunny and beautiful. The sun lasted until about noon then it got hazy and by the time that we were heading back at around 7pm it started raining. I can't complain too much because we have had some great opportunities to take some great pics. I think that I will be posting Yellowstone trip pics for quite a while, here are a couple of pics from Bowdoin NWR that I took on Saturday.
Wilson's phalarope
black-necked stilt
There will be a lot more pictures to come.

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Unknown said...

Nice, looking forward to the rest of them. Shorebirds rock. Even the brown ones.