Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birding at Old Cedar Avenue Bridge

During the summer I spend a lot of time at the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is divided into several different units. The unit in which I spend most of my time is called the Long Meadow Lake Unit. Long Meadow Lake consists of the Bass Ponds, the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge and the Russell Sorenson Boat Landing. Most of my time is spent either at the bass ponds, which is mainly open space which surrounds several ponds, of the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge. The Old Cedar Avenue Bridge area has several trails that run through the wooded hill that surround the Minnesota River.
Near Old Cedar there is a small boardwalk that takes you out to a viewing platform in the Minnesota River. The boardwalk is surrounded by reeds and cattails which are home to many different birds such as red-winged blackbird, marsh wren and yellowthroat, like the one pictured above.
On the wooded trails you can see a variety of passerines. Some of the birds that I have seen here include, catbirds, sparrows, flycatchers, goldfinch, and warblers like the yellow warbler pictured here.
I always enjoy photographing yellow warblers they always appear so bright and cheerful, like a big yellow happy face. Its especially nice to post on a special day like a birthday.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Your birthday?
Happy birthday to you!

Would you please email me? I'd like to ask your help in the id of a couple of birds I saw last weekend. I'll send you the pix.


Leedra said...

Happy Birthday...almost slipped that comment by me.

Love the Yellow Warbler photos. Another one I have NEVER seen. They are awesome.

troutbirder said...

Indeed eco ... happy birthday. Those yellow warblers are spectacular. I saw my first this spring on my first ever warbler outing over a Myhre-Big Island State Park by Albert Lea

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday!

What a beautiful bird the yellow warbler is - a very cheerful sight to behold with its bright colour.