Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birding Carlos Avery

The third weekend in June I spent a lot of time outside taking pics. I spent one day up at Carlos Avery. There was not a huge variety of birds that day but I did find a few to photograph.
I found several Canadian geese pairs that had chicks with them near the road. They were still cute back then, I am sure by now that they are almost as large as their parents.
The only other waterfowl, besides the geese, that I found was a mallard sunning on a small island in one of the many pools.
Although the sandhill population did not look to be as large as it is over at Crex Meadows I did spot a couple of large groups feeding out in the tall grass. All in all I probably saw about 50 sandhills.
The swamp sparrows were out letting everyone know that it was a beautiful day.
I also caught a quick glimpse of a yellowthroat before it disappeared into the reeds.
I stopped over to try and get some pictures of the bank swallows that Ivar over at Ivar's birds had been photographing. Unfortunately they were not in a perching mood when I was there, so I was unable to get any pics but I did spot one of the brown thrashers that Ivar had photographed in the area.
I also spotted a red-tailed hawk keeping a eye on me. Now I know what prey feels like.

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Pat Munday said...

Great sandhill pics, EB! They nest on our creek and river bottoms each summer (SW Montana), and are a hoot (pun intended) to watch as they dance in the spring. Somtimes while I'm fishing they fly low over the willows and it's like a pterodactyl passing overhead.