Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whitetail Dragonfly

Over at the Old Cedar Ave Bridge I headed out to the boardwalk leading to a viewing platform in the mudflats of the Minnesota River. While walking down the boardwalk I noticed several common whitetail dragons sitting on the boardwalk.
Common whitetails are ground hunters so hey are frequently found perched on the ground waiting for prey to fly over head. The male common whitetail, pictured above, will stake out and defend a territory from other males. Dominant males will often flash their white tail at an interloping male.
Female whitetail, shown above, look for a location to lay their eggs. They look for aquatic habitat with a good layer of rotting vegetation. This is the preferred habitat for the nymph or larval form. When they find the right spot they will mate with the male who claims the territory then lay eggs by dipping the tip of their abdomen into the water as they skim across the surface.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Awesome dragons. That's an area I
haven't gotten into yet. Great
pics. Say, I tried to comment on
Leedra's blog but couldn't get
thru. Could you tell her that on
the 15 Aug blog, the top 3 are
Variegated, and the bottom 3 are
Great-spangled Fritillaries. They
are just before the Hackberry Emp.
you helped her with. Thanks!
Hap in New Hope

Anonymous said...

Nice. What are camera and lens are you shooting with for the most of these photos?

I am sure you posted this info way - back - but not sure how to find it.

Shelley said...

Still enjoying your dragonflies and all the info you provide on them!

Leedra said...

Great shots of the Dragonflies

Leedra said...

I hit enter too quick....I meant to say 'as usual'. Your dragonflies are repeatly the best.