Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First day of fall at Wood Lake

After spending a couple hours looking for the immature yellow-crowned night heron at Lake Hiawatha I decided that I did not want to waste this beautiful first day of fall so I headed over to Wood Lake Nature Center to do a bit of birding. I decided to do a figure eight around the park that way I get to do a double trip through the boardwalk in the center. I started by checking out down by the water at the visitor's center. The dock that goes out over the water was partially flooded but in the brush on the side of the path I spotted something.a brown thrasher was thrashing around in the brush. I moved around to try and get a less obstructed view and then he flew.

Luckily, for me, he flew to a bird house a short ways away and posed in the open so that I could get a good shot.

The next thing that I spotted where a couple of female cardinals playing tag in the trees.

They looked a bit scraggly with patches of feathers missing on their face due to their molting.I saw song sparrows all over the park.Out in the middle of the park I came across this chipmunk who had stopped to eat.Seeing the chipmunk chowing down reminded me that it had been quite a few hours since I had last eaten and I was hungry so I headed home to eat some lunch.

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