Friday, November 9, 2007

How can you help save the condors and possibly experience a once in a lifetime adventure?

The Ventana Wildlife Society, located in central California, is holding an online auction to help raise money to continue to fund their worth while goals. The Ventana Wildlife Society began in 1986 by releasing eagles into the Big Sur area. In 1992 they built the Big Sur Ornithology Lab as a year round long term avian monitoring station for the California coast and in 1996 they began a program to reintroduce the endangered California condor back into central California.

It takes $16,000 per month to care for the wild condors and Ventana does not receive any federal or state aid. They have been successful, in their extremely important mission, for over 10 years because people with a conscience, who care about the world we live in and do not want to see another species go extinct have helped to support their cause.

Now it is my turn and yours to join the fight to help the condor survive. Please go to their online sight and, if you can, bid on one of the fantastic items that they have up for bid. The big ticket item is the ability to release a condor into the wild. There are also other items including a Big Sur Eco Experience and a couple of pieces of artwork. You can get more info and bid on the items here

If you decide not to bid on anything then please consider a Ventana Wildlife Society membership, which begin at only $50 or adopting a condor chick which also begins at $50.

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