Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This weekend it was very cold here in Minnesota. It was so cold that even the geese were huddling together to try and stay warm.
Last year at this time Michelle and I got away from the frigid Minnesota winter and took a trip out to sunny California.
Most years we try and get away to some place warm during the winter, we usually rotate between Florida, California and Texas. This year our finances are a bit lower then usual, due to car and house repairs, so my winter trip will be to a location a little closer to home, I am going up to Duluth this weekend for the Sax Zim Festival of Birds. So I thought that I would take the opportunity to reminisce and share some pictures that we shot last year before I began blogging.
The fun part of going to new places is to see birds and mammals that I do not typically see around home. The Brandt's cormorant is a great example of a bird that I have never seen in Minnesota and probably never will. The Brandt's cormorant is a marine bird that can be found up and down the pacific coast of North America. We took this shot as we were going out into Monterey Bay on a whale watch.

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