Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Trumpeter Swans on Black Dog Lake

After leaving the great horned owls nest on the 26th I decided to head down the road to Black Dog Lake to see if I could find any eagles fishing in the river. I did not find any eagles but the trumpeter swans, which have been wintering in the lake, looked very nice as the sun was beginning to set.
Everything always looks better in morning or evening light but that is even truer with swans. When you photograph them in midday light they can come out looking harsh and they are easy to over expose but the soft light of dawn and dusk makes them look magical.
Fortunately I can find trumpeter swans close to home through out the entire year. This gives me plenty of opportunities to get some nice shots in beautiful light like I took this evening. The next day, Sunday January 27th, I headed up to Monticello, MN where over 1000 trumpeter swans have gathered. I will post those pics tomorrow.

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