Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yellowstone Black Bear

Just when you thought that the Yellowstone pics were over here come some more. These are pictures of various black bears that we saw during our trip.
Most of these black bears were photographed in the Tower area of Yellowstone near the Calcite Springs overlook.
Black bears are omnivores so they eat both plant and animal matter.
Most of their diet is made up of grass, herbs and berries. Most of the protein in the black bears diet comes from insects, especially insect larva.
Black bears are often seen turning over logs and rocks to search for insects underneath. They will also tear the bark off of trees to get at ant and termite larva living inside the tree or raid beehives to eat both the honey and bee larva inside.
Some times black bears will look for larger prey such as rodents, carrion or even young ungulates, like deer or elf fawn or bison calves.


Goggans said...

Duane and I have really enjoyed viewing your blog. All of your pictures are amazing. The information you add with the pictures are great. Where do you get the information on Rosie being hurt and losing one of her cubs. Again thanks for letting us view your blog. Is it okay to let friends know about this blog? like I said it is amazing? I have never spent the time on a computer site as I have spent on your blog. Judy

Ecobirder said...

Thanks Judy, I am glad that you and Duane found the blog and are enjoying it.
The information that I found out about Rosie was posted on the Yellowstone forums which you can find at Please feel free to tell anyone about the blog. The more people who visit and enjoy the blog the more satisfying it is.