Monday, April 14, 2008

Birding the Bass Ponds

April 5th was a nice day so I made several stops at some of my favorite local birding locations. One stop was at the Bass Ponds.
There are now quite a few red-winged blackbirds around claiming their territory and letting everyone know it.
I found a pair of blue-winged teal in the marsh that is near the entrance.
There where three red-breasted mergansers, 2 male and 1 female, on the one pond that is open.
There was also a pair of male ruddy ducks on the open pond. The second pond was still mostly frozen and it is currently still fenced off because of the construction that the city had to do with the holding pond that is right before the Cedar Bridge. The construction was supposed to be done on March 15 but tomorrow will be April 15th and yesterday when I visited it looked like they still had quite a bit of work to do.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful shots! Everytime I look at someone's pictures of birds - so big yet clear - I wonder how it is possible to achive such effect. While ducks are usually quite friendly and don't mind being filmed, other birds tend to fly away as I get closer..

Mel said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Pictures are great!
It's a real pleasure to read your posts.

Ecobirder said...

Thanks Aluajala, sometimes photographing birds can be quite challenging, especially small birds that dont sit still long, but I guess the challenge is part of what makes it so rewarding.

Thanks Mel!