Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ruddy Ducks FotY 2008

Another first of the year for 2008 that I spotted at Black Dog Lake on March 24th were ruddy ducks. I found a small flock of them near a flock of coots in one of the channels between the lake and the river.
Ruddy ducks are more of a western duck and are not very common in the eastern part of the US. The same is true for the state of Minnesota. Ruddy ducks are much more common in the western part of the state.
I have taken some good pics of ruddy ducks out in Montana but these were the best ones that I have been able to get in Minnesota. This past weekend I visited the park at the Coon Rapids Damn in the northern part of the Twin Cities. While there I saw another group of ruddy ducks, but they were further away and much more difficult to shoot the way that they usually are for me in Minnesota.


Unknown said...

Ooh, pretty birds. I haven't run across those before. Very nice.

Snail said...

Crikey! Those ducks look cold.

I hadn't realised how similar the stiff-tailed ducks are to one another. Apart from the colour, that's very close to our (Australian) blue-billed ducks.

Ecobirder said...

Scott, I have not seen many ruddy ducks either which is why I think that they are pretty cool. It does seem that we have quite a few around so far this year though.

Snail, you guys have a lot of great birds doen there. I have noticed that there are some birds that are very similar in other parts of the world from where I live. Like on the up coming IandtheBirds someone posted a bird that was very similar to what we call here a pileated woodpecker. Isn't the internet a wonderful learning tool.