Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today's Flowers: Monarchs on Purple Loosestrife

For this weeks edition of Today's Flowers I have some pictures of monarch butterflies on what I believe is purple loosestrife.
Although the flowers are pretty, purple loosestrife is an aggressive non-native weed here in Minnesota. Since a single plant can produce over a million seeds, it tends to quickly over take the native flora.
Unfortunately monarchs are not all that picky and will often feed on a variety of different flowers. This helps pollinate beneficial native plants but also helps insurgant plants like the purple loosestrife to spread.
These pictures were taken at Purgatory Creek back in August of 2008.


Shelley said...

I believe your butterfly photos are always the best on the blogosphere!

Judy said...

That certainly looks like purple loosestrife. We have it here in Ontario, too. I do my part inpreventing it spreading - it makes a lovely cut flower, lasting a fair amount of time in the vase. I usually pair it with Queen Anne's lace, which has to be freshened up sooner, and sheds a lot of tiny petals.
But your butterflies are wonderful, as ever!

Barbara said...

Love these captures. Just gorgous. Smiles B

Arija said...

Love them both and the combination.

Anonymous said...

Flowers & Butterflies - Flutterbies!

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh, I see you have purple loosestrife in your area too. The monarch seems to be enjoying it. ;-)

My Today’s Flower’s post is at
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Lilli & Nevada said...

Your photos are beautiful and so clear. Can't wait to see some butterflies.

Helen said...

Beautifil flower and butterfly both. greats shots, Helen

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Flowers and butterfly!
Wonderful post!