Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bee Takes a Break

If you have not noticed yet I have begun to photograph different insects, other then just butterflies and dragonfly. Bees are pretty easy to find during the summer but they are not so easy to photograph. Usually they are constantly moving around so it is hard to get them in focus and take the shot before they move or turn around.
On August 17th I got lucky enough to find this bumble bee that was perched on a tall weed out on the prairie at the Carpenter Nature Center.
Not only is it rare to find a bee sitting still for any period of time but I thought that it was unusual to see it perched on something that did not have pollen or nectar. Bees are very industrious and they don't usually sit around taking a break.
Maybe he was curious about me and just wanted to see what I was up to, or more likely he was waiting for the flycatcher that was flying around to leave the area. I do not know enough about bumble bees to know weather or not they freeze when a predator is near by just as many passerines do. If anyone out there is a bee expert maybe you can share any knowledge that you have on this type of behavior in the comment section.


Leedra said...

Awesome photographs. I have bees, so I am constantly photographing them, but mine do not begin to compare to yours.

Peggy said...

Great macros!