Saturday, October 4, 2008

Birding Purgatory Creek

Shorebirds were not the only type of birds that I found at Purgatory Creek Park. The wetlands as well as the fields and woods surrounding them provided good habitat for many different birds.
Flycatchers, as well as other insect eating birds, were hunting in the fields and woods. There were a lot of insects besides the dragonflies to keep them busy and well fed.
The wetlands also looked like a good place to raise a family, that is if you are a wood duck that is.
Soon after hatching the young wood ducks leave the nest, which is a tree cavity or nesting box sometimes a good distance above the ground or water, and are already able to swim and dabble on the waters surface for seeds and bugs.
Green herons hunt along the shore of the water. They are often difficult to see as they stand perfectly still in the shallow water, sometimes hiding in vegetation, waiting for a fish, frog, or crayfish to come by. Then they will snap the prey up with a quick dart of their head.
The green herons larger cousin, the great blue heron, also hunts by wading through the water looking for fish. Because of their longer legs, great blue herons are the largest member of the heron family in North America, they are often able to fish in deeper water then green herons.


Leedra said...

The Flycatchers have such a elegant look to them. Seeing a Green Heron is usually a treat, they are the unexpected when we do get to see them.

Shelley said...

Great shots of some of my favorite birds - I am fascinated w/ the Wood Duck!