Saturday, October 13, 2007

Butterflies, dragonflies and reptiles at Long Meadow Lake

Since the weather was still very nice that Saturday, it got up into the mid 80s, there was quite a bit of wildlife other then birds for me to shoot at Long Meadow Lake. There were plenty of insects, including:

common sulfur butterflies

monarch butterflies

eastern tailed-blue butterflies

eastern tailed-blue butterflies mating

banded woolly bear caterpillars

autumn meadowhawk dragonfly

and a black saddlebags dragonfly

Unfortunately the saddlebags was facing me and so it is hard to see the saddlebags on the wings.You can kind of see the black markings on the back wing in this close up. I tried to move to get a different angle but he flew away before I could get into position. I also photographed a couple of reptiles including this turtle who was on checking things out,and later on a red-bellied snake slithering down the path.

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