Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taylor Falls Scenery

One thing that I have been trying to improve on lately is my landscape or scenery photography. Photographing scenery is a lot different then photographing wildlife. I have always had a problem making the image through the camera look the way it does through my naked eye.
Back at the end of August I made a quick stop at Taylors Falls Sate Park on my way back from a birding trip up north. There as plenty of wildlife in the park but I decided to bring my wide angle lens and take advantage of the beautiful scenery to practice my landscape photography.
Taylors falls is located on the shore of the Saint Croix River. At this point the St Croix is the boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can see that the shoreline here is very rocky which provides people on both sides of the river with recreational diversions like rock climbing and cliff jumping.
The park is also filled with many natural made potholes. These potholes range in size from a diameter of a couple of feet to some more then 10 feet across and very deep. I was fairly happy with the river pictures but I am afraid that the pot hole picture did not come close to representing the awesome sight that they are in person. I guess that I will need to keep practicing.


Arija said...

I see what you mean with your third shot. I run into the same frustration. The eye can differentiate detail in an instant in the blazing sun as well as in dark shadows. We compute the whole in our brain and come away with an awesome impression of the whole. The lens on the other hand cannot adjust between blilliant light and deep darkness in one picture. There in a nutshell is the dilemma of what exposure to use. Often to excentuate the scale it is helpful to use a person, animal or other as measure of size..

troutbirder said...

I think your going to do just fine with scenic shots. Taylor Falls is a beautiful and interesting location. However, the exact spot you photographed always makes me laugh. Several years ago our 8th grade science class was standing where you stood and across the river we got "mooned." Or as the science teacher remarked to the class,"what can you expect from a bunch of cheesheads."

Shelley said...

I enjoyd them and still felt a sense of depth for the "pothole."

Richard said...

I have the same problem with scenery...just can't seem to get the pictures I want or see with the eyes. Maybe it's because I don't take time to frame the pictures like I used to.