Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crex Waterfowl

Yellowstone is not the only place to see waterfowl. On our trip to Crex Meadows, June 1st, we spotted a few ducks that have still remained. The ducks that we saw the most of were mallards and blue-winged teal.
We also saw quite a few ring-necked ducks. The cool thing about this picture is that you can actually see the ring around the neck that the duck is named for. This is unusual. Some people say that you can tell that this bird was named by hunters because usually you do not see the ring around the neck unless you have the bird in your hand. If you want to see examples of how ring-necked ducks usually look check out this link of past ring-necked duck pictures that I have taken. Notice that the lighter colored band around the neck of the bird in this picture is not visible on those other birds.
We also did spot a couple of pied-billed grebes. Michelle thinks that pied grebes are cute, probably because their eyes are so big for their little bodies. I liked this shot because it had just come up from a dive and part of its body is still submerged.


troutbirder said...

Great waterfowl pics! Wish I had time to visit Yellowstone this summer.

Nora said...

I never can get a shot of a blue winged teal..where is yours....that is amazing how you can see the ring on the neck of the ring-necked duck as I have stalked them for quite a while and never been able to photo that...I am catching up on posts here ecobirder as I have been busy.I like the yellowstone series.