Monday, June 16, 2008

Yellowstone Eagle Nest

Whenever we go to Yellowstone in the spring we stay in West Yellowstone. One of the advantages of staying in West Yellowstone is the active eagles nest that is right off the road on the west exit. The area around the nest is a no stopping, parking or walking zone, but you can park behind the signs and still see the nest fairly well.
Even with the signs people still stop and park, it just drives me crazy. I have yelled at more then one person over the years. I am not sure how much it bothers the eagles though because they keep coming back and nesting each year. Last year when we were there we could catch glimpse of the young eaglets in the nest. This year we did not see any sign that the eggs had even hatched yet, and with the late spring it is possible that they are behind.
Eagles mate for life, sort of. Actually a mated pair will find a territory and build a nest. Late in the fall, after the chicks have fledged, the eagles will migrate to an area near open water. At this point the pair may go their separate way. In the spring when the water ways in the north, and in the mountains, begin to open up the pair will return to the breeding territory. If both return they will mate again, continue building up the nest, and try to produce more young. If only one of the pair returns then it will go off in search of a new mate. Since a lot of the water in Yellowstone does not freeze, because of the geothermal areas, it is possible that these eagles stay in the area year round. Perhaps we will have to visit Yellowstone some time in the winter and find out.


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