Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eastern Kingbirds at Crex Meadows

While we were birding at Medicine Lake NWR and Bowdoin NWR, in Montana, we had the opportunity to photograph several western kingbirds, a bird that I have never seen back home in eastern Minnesota. On June 1st we decided to head up to Crex Meadows, in Wisconsin for a birding day trip.
The bird that we saw most often that day was the eastern kingbird, cousin to the western kingbird. There were many eastern kingbirds at Crex that day.
Eastern kingbirds are a great bird to photograph. They will usually sit perched real nice for quite a while, allowing you the time to get some good shots.
Kingbirds are a nice bird to have around. As a large flycatcher the kingbird eats mostly flying insects, which includes many pests, during the summer when it spreads across a large part of North America. During the winter kingbirds migrate down to South America where they travel in flocks and eat mainly fruit.


Shelley said...

The last shot is my favorite - a very handsome bird!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, my wife and I noticed quite a few out at Sherburne Wildlife Refuge couple of Saturday's ago.